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Letterbox leaflets


Whether it is designing and printing a leaflet that will give you maximum ROI, defining the distribution area, and managing the local taxes charged for this type of campaign, Médiapub provides all these services to meet your exact requirements.

A high-performance medium

Door to door leaflet distribution is probably the most profitable marketing medium. It enables you to immediately inform your target audience of your products and services, and to instantly trigger sales! There is no other type of marketing medium that offers such benefits. Just have a look at the statistics to see the evidence. Mediapub offers an entire range of leaflet distribution services, all of which are optional.


Defining the sales strategy is an extremely important aspect for a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

Please find below a list of the strategic elements that will have an impact upon the ROI of a leafleting campaign. If you do not have your own marketing department or if you wish to outsource the strategic thinking concerning the leaflet, we can take care of that for you.

  • List of strategic elements involved in the leaflet production
  • Distribution time-scale (start or end of the month, close to the holidays, start or end of the week)
  • Leaflet topic
  • Distribution area
  • Number of leaflets to be distributed
  • Distribution method (in isolation or in groups)
  • Leaflet size and weight
  • Look of the first page
  • Product selection
  • Pricing policy
  • Product descriptions
  • Whether to include a ‘call to action’
  • Period of validity of the offer
  • Graphic design of the leaflet
  • Contact information
  • POS advertising to support the campaign


We offer a number of optional services to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

We may at times receive a leaflet that is completely finished, and even already printed, and at other times, we may have to start with a blank page and design the leaflet in close liaison with the customer. If necessary, we can even take care of the photography shots.


We have our own graphic design studio. We only specialise in leaflets, and this enables us to achieve high-quality in record time.


We have competitive printing companies for every type of leaflet.

We will select the most appropriate printing companies, and our choice will depend on the quantity, size, paper thickness, and the deadline. We work with the most prestigious printing companies in Belgium, but also with printers just across the border.

We also work with two preferred suppliers: the printing companies Delferrière and Rainbow. The latter offers the advantage of printing with UV ink (the ink polymerises under UV lamps), which is a process that offers the same quality as the traditional Heatset process, but is less polluting (no solvents and no oven).


With letterbox leaflets it is possible to select the distribution area, by town or by neighbourhood. However, this area can be defined based on geomarketing criteria, and for some of the larger towns, the selection can be narrowed down to specific local areas. The geomarketing selection criteria that are currently available, include, for example:

  • Buying power
  • Garden-owners
  • The type of building (detached house or flat)


Letterbox distribution is a matter for the professionals.

We work in close collaboration with the largest private and public sector distribution companies. Our advice for a successful leaflet drop campaign:

  • Pay meticulous attention to the logistical constraints of the distribution company
  • Have realistic geomarketing criteria
  • Opt for a large distribution volume to guarantee a high return
  • Carry out distribution quality surveys


Managing the taxes due can be a laborious task due to the following:

  • Every municipality has its own tax rules and regulations;
  • Every region has its own leaflet drop policy (but the municipalities have the authority to tax);
  • The tax return must be submitted prior to the leaflet drop, upon penalty of being fined;
  • The municipality can charge tax up to two years after the tax return was submitted.

So, it may be difficult to find your way through this when you do a monthly leaflet drop in a given area…

Médiapub, far from encouraging you not to pay the tax, has developed systems to enable you to pay as little tax as possible.

  1. Firstly, at the leaflet design stage, we recommend designing a ‘low tax’ leaflet, for example, a leaflet weighing less than 10 g for leaflets distributed in Wallonia.
  2. We offer a Taxtrack service to handle all the tax formalities for you for all leaflet distribution campaigns.
  3. We manage the local information magazine ‘info-familles’, which enables you, the advertiser, to benefit from a very low tax rate, regardless of the weight of the leaflet.

Download the information…


For us, the debriefing process forms an integral part of any leaflet distribution campaign. By analysing the results, the debriefing enables us to improve our daily performance. We operate on this golden rule: Whatever you do, only the debriefing process will enable you to improve!