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Frequent questions...

What would happen if I did not declare my leaflet drop to the local council?

Prior declaration is compulsory. If you fail to declare it, the council will charge tax depending on the publishing company responsible, and has the right to increase the tax by an average of 100%.

Does door to door leaflet distribution still have a future when faced with the internet and social media?

Door to door leaflet distribution has the advantage of offering products that are immediately accessible in your local area. It is this immediacy that makes leaflet drops so attractive. The Internet operates based on spontaneous searches performed by the potential customer, whereas door to door leaflet drops offer the reader a product which he or she was perhaps not actively looking for. The two approaches are therefore different, and also meet different requirements.

Are door to door leaflet drops profitable for SMEs?

In order to advertise their products and services, numerous SMEs in the retail sector have to reach the largest audience possible in their catchment area. Door to door leaflet drops are currently still the best way of reaching the maximum number of people within a given geographical area.

I immediately throw away the leaflets I receive. What do other people do?

What you do is not what most Belgians do! 74% read the leaflets they receive through their letterbox once a week or more. And 37% of Belgians immediately read the leaflets upon emptying their letterbox.

How much tax does a leaflet drop incur?

The local taxes will depend on the weight of your leaflet, and on the rules and regulations of the local council… The tax will therefore all depend on the size of your leaflet and on your distribution area.

Is it true that you can avoid paying the local tax if you publish an editorial?

That is in fact how the ‘info-families’ local community magazine works. It is distributed 48 weeks a year in the French-speaking part of Belgium. If you are the main advertiser in one issue of ‘info-families’, you benefit from the magazine’s lower tax rate.