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DOOR TO DOOR industry


Médiapub is one of the major players in the industry, and in recent years has also managed to achieve remarkable growth. How is it possible that in these times of internet and multi-media, letterbox leaflet distribution, one of the oldest types of media, is still gaining ground!

The answer is quite simple… Door to door marketing meets the need for proximity and immediacy!

Leaflet distribution provides actual advertising information, which the prospect can instantly respond to.

Are you in urgent need of a reasonably priced perfume? Your letterbox will keep you informed of the latest offers from your nearest perfume shop, offering you reasonably priced goods just around the corner! No other medium can match that.

And if the majority of people are happy to peruse the advertising they receive through their letterbox (ONLY 15% of people put up ‘no junk mail’ signs), advertisers are also happy to use this medium… as it gives them the following advantages:

The advertisers can target the distribution in the area of their choice, by town or by local neighbourhood.

The potential customer can consult the leaflet at a time of their choice… which increases the ROI.

Advertisers have sufficient space to provide extensive and sometimes detailed information, which also increases the ROI.

Whereas audio-visual media and internet advertising are often of a fleeting nature, and disappear after just a few seconds, leaflets remain in the home for at least one week!

Every day, almost 5 million Belgian households check their letterboxes… and offer advertisers the opportunity to COMMUNICATE directly and extensively with a potential customer in their catchment area!